MDS Drum Screens

The BAYCOR MDS is an internally fed rotating screen device for use in coarse screening, fine filtering, and/or thickening of sewage, WAS (waste activated sludge), or industrial wastewater. The exceptional filtering capability of the MDS helps preserve and extend the useful life of downstream processing equipment adding years of extended life to Membrane Bio Reactors, pumps, reverse osmosis systems, etc. The influent is fed into the head box and distributed onto the internal rotating surface of the screening cylinder. The liquid in the distribution chamber is directed over weirs onto the internal surface of the screen. Solids remain on the surface of the screen while the liquid goes through the screen media.

As the screen rotates, the solids are intercepted by the diverter flights. The flights are mounted spirally, with the spiral advancing the material up to the discharge end of the cylinder. The solids drop off into a container, onto a conveyor chute, or passed on to a solids dewatering device for further processing to reduce the water content and increase the solids dryness. The Unibody™ design of the MDS includes a flanged discharge pan that directs the treated water to a tank, channel or pit, or on through further piping.

The spraying/backwash system located on the upper half of the cylinder, will wash off any solids, grease or other materials sticking to the face of the screening media and thus keep the inside of the cylinder clean. The backwash can be set manually or timed or programmed to operate on an as needed basis. The MDS, with its robust and simple, stainless steel Unibody™ construction, interchangeable screen panels, and variable speed drive is truly the state-of-the-art in screening technology.