Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Simpler, cost-effective performance in compact systems. Secondary/WAS (Waste Activated Sludge) Thickening

Primary Sludge Thickening Blended Sludge Thickening  
Primary Screening Effluent Fine Screening Industrial Pre-Treatment  
Septage Screening Process Screening  

Primary treatment at municipal treatment plant. Designed to reduce BOD and solids loading to an overloaded lagoon system.

Secondary (WAS) sludge thickening system increasing solids from <1% to 6 to 8%+ prior to hauling for disposal.

Polymer consumption for this type of application is typically 4 to 9 kg/ton of dry solids as a function of the sludge.

We get 6 to 8% easily, and often exceed this. To point out the strengths of our design, we have handled feed solids from 0.2% and up, used 5 kg/ton and still met the 6 to 8% promised and delivered solids at 13%+ in some applications.