Pulp & Paper

Better performance in the process and on the environmental side of the business. Essential thickening performance for those who need to reach critical dewatering objectives.

Fiber Recovery Fiber Washing Fiber Thickening
Save-all Applications Decker Applications Broke Thickening Process Fine Screening
Rejects Screening De-Inking Sludge Thickening Black Liquor Screening Secondary (Waste Activated)
Sludge Thickening Primary Sludge Thickening Blended Sludge Thickening

The BAYCORE MDS system thickens the secondary sludge to 8 to 10% consistently. The BAYCOR advantage was required to achieve dry solids content that would allow blending of the thickened WAS with thickened primary sludge to allow for effective dewatering in a screw press, prior to burning of the pressed solids.